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Study Networked With Microsoft Office 365

Notes, diagrams, presentations, scripts. Over the time of your studies, you will have to deal with a mass of information. You’ll capture, prepare, store, and share it. This is where Microsoft comes in. More specifically, Office 365 & OneDrive.

We know that notebooks, smartphones and co. suffer from a chronic lack of storage space, so right from the start we have good news: As a student you can enjoy 1 TB of free cloud storage. Of course, with OneDrive it’s also possible to access your digital belongings from all your devices. By the way, a lack of WLAN is no longer a reason to be unproductive: OneDrive makes your files available to you offline at any time! And if you pour tea over your notebook, you don’t have to panic: OneDrive keeps your files like a treasure!

Office 365: The all-round package for Studis for free!

Since our school days we have been presenting using PowerPoint, writing our handout in Word or creating tables in Excel. This doesn’t have to stop at university! Those who thought they could not afford the office package with the small student budget can breathe a sigh of relief: Office 365 Education is completely free for students!

This includes all the usual programs that make your everyday university life easier. The only difference is that they are not available in the form of classic desktop installations. But that doesn’t matter, because the functions still go far beyond comic sans and tables. As usual, you can enjoy all the features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Microsoft Teams! And because Microsoft knows that you want to access your files anytime and anywhere, you can rely on Office 365 on all your devices!

To access the free Office package, simply request it via this link, enter your institution’s email address, and an account will be set up in the background! The practical thing: The programs are compatible with all your devices (Android, MAC, Windows)!

The second way to enjoy the benefits of the popular software as a studio is Office 365 ProPlus. This version includes the desktop installations of the Office applications. How can I do that? Microsoft cooperates with numerous universities worldwide. If your Uni/FH is a participant of this cooperation, you can enjoy the full package either for a small price or completely free of charge! You don’t know if your university is part of it? Just check here!

OneNote & Microsoft Teams: Collaboration on a new level.

For you, Microsoft applications are old acquaintances and all too familiar. But as you know, innovation is a top priority at Microsoft. The result: OneNote & Microsoft Teams. In short, the former is a digital notebook, but at the same time much more. The tool helps you capture your ideas & thoughts. Once recorded, you can read notes, share them with others, and even collaborate with your fellow students at any time without having to send the offline file back and forth. Whether for group work or planning your WG party, teamwork has never been easier!

And while we’re at group work, Microsoft Teams comes in handy. The digital hub is perfect for working together in one place and ensures optimal workflow. The application lets you plan processes, distribute tasks and provide an ideal overview. Finally, your lazy colleague can no longer claim that his cat has eaten the notepad. Everything is digitally recorded and is transparently visible to every team member.

As promised, Microsoft Office 365 & OneDrive will make your day-to-day learning easier in the near future! What are you waiting for? Upgrade your studies now!

Laptop for students

You can get a student laptop today for less than 300 €. As a student you can also get a discount on the purchase of a notebook or laptop via various providers. Before buying your student laptop, consider which technical criteria are particularly important to you.

You can get a student laptop today from as little as €248. As a student, you can also secure student discounts of up to 80% on your laptop or notebook with most providers. In order to make the right choice, you should be well informed about the technical criteria that are particularly relevant for you: Would you rather work with a matte or reflective display? Do you want your laptop to be used only for daily use or also for gaming? Does your battery only need to last a few hours or over 10?

We’ll show you what criteria are relevant when you buy your student laptop, where you can buy a student laptop, and how to get the student discount for your laptop.

Want to know how to get free technical support and what the Student Advantage Benefit is? Then have a peek here for more Microsoft Office information!

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