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Leather jacket for men

For my shooting I combined the Leather Kilts for men in chic blue, which is relatively dark and almost black, with a yellow polo and the Commander jeans from PME. I really like the style. The jacket was already sold out after a short time in the shop, which speaks for the corresponding design of the leather jacket. But it should be available again for a UVP of 349,95€ in the shop of PME.

In my opinion, the El Paso MA1 is more suitable for autumn than summer because it is well fed. But this also makes it a good companion for mild summer evenings. All in all, the leather jacket is very comfortable to wear and I just like it. Above all the high-quality workmanship and the impression of high quality leather convince me completely. Therefore it is a pity that the jacket will soon leave me again for PME Legend, but who knows, maybe I will give myself one for Christmas.

Below I have put together a few photos of the jacket, with detailed photos. At the end of this article you will find a video, which shows me with the jacket as well as other detail shots, just as moving pictures. I would be happy to hear your opinion about what you think about leather jackets in general and what you chose yours for.

A well-fitting leather jacket can accompany a man for many years. But often they are not exactly cheap and therefore they should fit really well. I’ll also show you the rules you have to follow with leather jackets.

The style guide for “the perfect trousers” I already explained, of course you have to know your measurements so that fashion fits right. Especially if it is a slightly more expensive garment, like a leather jacket, you should make sure that you buy it exactly right.

For this I would like to give you a few tips on how to get your measurements:

Leather jacket measuring. The shoulder width (point 1) is measured by applying a measuring tape from shoulder bone to shoulder bone. If the shoulder bone is not palpable, move your arm slightly up and down and feel the “dimple” that is created. This value is important, because the seam from breast part to leather jacket usually falls exactly on the shoulder bones. If this seam doesn’t fit there, the jacket won’t fit you perfectly!

The arm length (point 4) is measured by bending the arm slightly and applying the tape measure from the shoulder bone, over the elbow, to the beginning of the ball of the hand. This value is of course important, so that not only jackets fit well, but also shirts.

But there are other rules you should follow when wearing a leather jacket:

The colours – black or dark brown – are “evergreens”, other colours can be trendy in one season, but can be just as good in the next season again totally wrong. And the black leather jacket is and remains simply classic, rocky, cool!

The length (point 3) – For men between 16-30 there is actually only one choice of length: hip-length. All other leather jackets, which go over the buttocks or up to the thighs, are “Altherrenjacken”, the often unshaped traps. Hip-length leather jackets don’t hide anything, they are more body-hugging and generally look more casual.

The zipper (point 2) – The quality of a leather jacket is not only measured by the quality of the leather. The zippers of a leather jacket are one of the decisive features. Because a defective zipper with a leather jacket to exchange can become very very complex and also expensive, therefore one should pay attention from the outset to the fact that these are also somewhat suitable.

Years ago I bought a black leather jacket from SELECTED, which I wear every season since then, because it is timeless and has got a nice “used look” over the years, which makes it even more attractive for me. In my opinion, the investment in a beautiful, well-fitting model is definitely worth it!

Whether for cool rockers or as a luxury accessory: the leather jacket for men is just like the ladies’ pendant a fashion trend that can’t be gotten killed.

The right cut

Man in leather jacket. Large and bulky models are out of fashion for men, as with the rest of the outerwear for leather jackets. The trend in men’s leather hoes is towards a figure-hugging cut that ends at the height of the belt. This year, the men’s leather jacket is often equipped with many pockets or rivets.

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