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Hot water storage tank installation

In order to understand the installation principle of the hot water tank, the technical characteristics of the appliance must be known.

The water heater is a cylindrical tank of vertical and horizontal type designed to heat water from 55 to 75 ° C using the electric Tena. After heating the water to a preset temperature, the water heater switches off and switches to the automatic temperature maintenance mode.

The advantage of water heaters is that they are universal and do not require large energy costs. Their installation is permitted in all rooms in which electrical lines and lines are present.

In addition to these advantages, there is another and no less important plus – the use of water from the tank in several places at the same time. From the storage water heater, a supply is made to the main tap, from where the water is distributed. The only disadvantage is that its dimensions cannot be installed in small rooms and narrow spaces.

If you have a choice and do not know which of the two types of water heaters to choose, the best and most economical option is of course a vertical water heater. This is due to the fact that in the vertical water heater the radiator is located at the bottom of the tank. And have a horizontal heater in the side. Usually cold water falls to the bottom of the tank. With vertical water heaters, heating is not difficult.

First of all, the water quality affects the durability of the storage tank. If you use water saturated with iron, it is best to use an email tank. In enamel tanks, large protective anodes neutralize the active components of the iron. The only requirement is a regular replacement of the protective anode.

Stainless steel hot water tanks are supplied with small protective anodes. Consequently, when iron water is used, the anode cannot handle the load and iron is deposited on the surface of the tank and on the heaters. Consequently, it is necessary to change the anode and the anode at the same time.

There is another nuance that affects the durability of the water heater – it is the operation of the water heater. Incorrect operation of the appliance during the winter season causes the water tank to freeze, causing the heating elements and protective anodes to burst. The joints begin to flow, which usually leads to premature use of the water heater.

Accumulated water heaters are produced with one and two fuel heaters of different output – 1.5 and 2.5 kW. A heater with two heating elements is installed in places where the consumption of large electrical energy is foreseen.

Installation locations of the DHW cylinder

The ideal place to install the appliance is at the bottom of the wall under the sink. This will not overfill the space and reduce the risk of the tank breaking under the weight of the water mass. Do not be afraid of water splashing on the surface and in the places of the fasteners. Manufacturers of water heaters have worked on the electrical safety system and have indicated the degree of protection on the body of the water heater. Familiarise yourself with the marking before installing a water heater.

Fastening elements

Specify the installation location of the fasteners and install anchor bolts or hooks. Anchors and hooks are installed with an adjustable wrench and clamped with full force. After fixing the fasteners, the nuts are unscrewed from the anchor bolts and a tank is placed on the anchor, after which the nuts are clamped.

Water supply to the water heater

In order to facilitate the water supply to the water heater, cold water must first be supplied. The inlet of the nozzle is marked blue, the outlet is inserted with a pre-wound cable layer soaked in silicone.

A T-piece is screwed onto the treated pipe. An emergency drain valve, a pressure relief valve and a shut-off valve are fitted in each hole. At the end of the installation of valves and valves on the T-piece, install a threaded adapter and connect the apartment.

Next, go to the hot water. In the hot water system, we install a shut-off valve and a threaded adapter that serves as a link between the home wiring and the hot water pipe.

Prepare a cable with a 2.5-square square cross-section and a 16A circuit breaker and connect the wiring to the control panel and the fasteners in the tank according to the attached instructions. For more details about water heaters, follow water tech on reddit and learn further about installation processes.

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