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Don’t pay double and triple interest

You think you pay too much interest? Then you’re like most people are today. For years you have had the old credit for your own home at the bank, which you hardly think about anymore, but pay monthly.

In addition, there was a new car at some point and you put a little money into the furnishings and the technical equipment. Partly fully financed, partly a new loan with down payment. And your account at another bank is also occasionally in the red, for which expensive dispo interest is due immediately.

And faster than you look around, most of your monthly income goes on repaying loans to the bank and other creditors. The monthly installments are added up to the largest item of your expenses. Often it is even difficult to keep the overview, since the individual creditors also debit at different times in the month.

Convert credit and save interest monthly

Have you ever thought about rescheduling your debt? What does “debt rescheduling” actually mean? The term may sound a little harsh at first, but behind a debt rescheduling lies the sober combination of several old loans under one new loan at favourable conditions.

The two biggest advantages of rescheduling are that you only have one monthly instalment at lower interest rates. Your new debt rescheduling loan is definitely worthwhile because of the currently very low interest rates. If you repay your current loan from the bank at short notice and reschedule your debt, you can save immediately.

Debt rescheduling – Replacing credit favourably

The best way to redeem your old bank loans with long maturities is to reschedule them promptly – especially if the fixed-interest period expires soon. If you reschedule your loan now, you’ll have more money in your pocket faster.

Even if you have fixed maturities and the bank demands an early repayment fee by redeeming your loan early, the savings are still worth it. The key interest rates of the European Central Bank (ECB) for private loans are not going to become that cheap again so quickly.

The new loan gives you a better overview of your finances every month. You only have one payment obligation in the whole month. And your wishes have been fulfilled.

Replace an existing loan with a rescheduling loan

What you intend to do with the money saved by the new favourable loan is up to you. By rescheduling debts and the associated lower installments, you can create more financial leeway.

Depending on whether you choose shorter or longer terms, the monthly charge for the new installment credit will be higher or lower. What do you intend to do with the money saved? A renovation, a new car, a nice holiday – if you reschedule existing loans on time, you can fulfil more wishes.

Your advantage: save with debt rescheduling for later

With the favourable rescheduling loan, you can of course also invest your monthly savings in an old-age provision for which you may still have lacked the remaining money.

Whatever you want to use your money for, which is freed up by rescheduling your existing loan, your advantages are obvious:

More overview of the financial situation: a loan, a favourable interest rate, a low rate that suits your life.

More money at your free disposal: You save cash if you replace the expensive loan and can fulfill your wishes more quickly by rescheduling your debt.

More time for you: rescheduling with moneylender Cash Mart means no stress for our customers. We take care of all the formalities of the old and new credit agreement and explain to you every detail of the rescheduling that you want and need to know. From the replacement of the old instalment loans to the conditions of the rescheduling loan – no questions remain unanswered with us.

This is how we help borrowers to reschedule their installment loans:

We check the conditions of your current loan agreements

Have all the documents of your expensive credit agreements ready for our appointment. We will check the conditions for you and show you how easy it is to repay the expensive loans and replace them with a favourable rescheduling loan.

We calculate the prepayment penalty

If you wish to repay an expensive loan within the term, the bank will in most cases charge you an early repayment fee. In particular, the bank can be paid for the loss of earnings for long fixed interest rates – as is customary for construction financing.

We calculate the amount of this early repayment fee on the basis of your contract documents. Since this is part of daily business, we can also negotiate the amount of the early repayment fee with your bank confidently.

We calculate the residual debt

Once we have these figures and data on your existing loan, we will calculate how much you can save by rescheduling your debt and early repayment of your existing loan.

Now we can show you the red card for your expensive loans!

Say high interest rates “and goodbye”. We will compare the credit offers and work with you to select the right offer with the right term. From now on you save money monthly and are financially more flexible again.


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