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Powerpoint is an intuitive application integrated into the software provided by Microsoft Office. It is a presentation program that is very popular with several categories of users, both professional and private, from all over the world. Microsoft Powerpoint is compatible with the latest mobile devices such as Ipad, Iphone and Windows phone since 2013. In addition, it is accessible through the various Windows and Mac OS X product variants. Users of all levels of knowledge have the opportunity to perform many actions on Microsoft Powerpoint.

Feasible tasks on Powerpoint

With Powerpoint, the user can:

Write a text,
Draw a calculation table,
Work with images and photos,
Create a Photo album with comments,
Assemble saved files in various formats, including Excel, Word, PDF and XPS,
Touch up several types of documents,
Develop business cards, invitations, brochures, flyers or posters,
Create new pages combining texts, sounds and images,
Create a slide, slideshow or plates or implement a personalized video,
Develop graphs and diagrams from the documents entered in the software,
Translate texts in part or in whole into another language via applications such as Outlook, Word,
Publisher, OneNote or Visio from Windows,
Detect spelling errors and automatically make the necessary corrections,
Make audio or video recordings,
Perform animation effects (make one or more elements of a slide appear, enlarge and disappear),
Generate transition effects between two or more slides.
In short, with Microsoft Powerpoint, everything is possible whether you are a novice or a professional.

Powerpoint and Ribbon

Since 2007, all Microsoft Office applications such as Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Outlook have been equipped with Ribbon, a new configuration of menus and toolbars. The essential icons are grouped in specific tabs according to an infallible logic. This really makes it easier for users. An apprentice is able to create a real masterpiece on Powerpoint. To optimize the space dedicated to the work surface, the ribbon can be reduced and restored with a few simple clicks.

Create a photo album on Powerpoint

Creating a photo album on Microsoft Powerpoint can be done with a few clicks. Beforehand, it is necessary to save the photos to be included in any file.

How to access Powerpoint?

– To access Powerpoint, go to the “start” menu and click on “all programs”. Visit and look at this now.

– Point the cursor to “Microsoft office”. Then double-click on “Microsoft office Powerpoint”.

A new presentation of this application will appear on the screen. It is divided in two. In the foreground is the main page with the specific menus and toolbars you need.

On the left, a small window appears that you can open or close. In the latter, the “slides”, “plan” and “close” icons as well as the preview of the page you will be working on are clearly visible.

How to give a title to the new album?

You can already give a title to your work. All you have to do is click on “click to add a title”, which is clearly displayed on the screen and type in the name to give to the album.

You can also add a subtitle by accessing the dedicated field. You can work on the shapes and layouts of your text according to your desires. To do this, use your imagination by choosing the font and colour or spacing of the characters and the layout of the text that suits you.

At the bottom of the page is the space dedicated to the comments of your choice. You can delete it if you do not need it.

How to insert photos?

To integrate photos, do the following:

– Point your cursor to “Insert”, “Photo album” and then “New photo album”.

– Click on “insert an image from”. From there, all you have to do is access the file or media (CD or DVD) in which your photos are saved.

– Click on one or more images of your choice, then click on “insert”.

– Then click on “create” if the image preview is convenient for you. Otherwise, simply cancel the operation by clicking on “delete” to select other photos.

– To add more photos to the slide, you must enter “edit photo album” and add as many photos as you want.

There you go. You now know how to create a photo album on Microsoft Powerpoint. Don’t forget to save the file and refine it whenever necessary and according to your inspiration.

How does PowerPoint work?

The operation of Microsoft Office PowerPoint software is a challenge for the novice. This goes without saying, because knowing how Microsoft PowerPoint works allows for excellent use and better professional performance. Also, to properly develop its presentation, it is necessary to fully understand the creative mechanism.


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