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The best household remedies for heartburn

What to do with heartburn?

There are numerous Physiotherapie household remedies for heartburn that we would like to introduce in this article. The symptoms are caused by an excess of stomach acid. Our gastric juice is naturally very acidic in order to perform its tasks successfully, namely the crushing of food and the killing of microorganisms. If this is completely suppressed with chemical acid blockers, pathogenic germs can penetrate the body more easily and digestive disorders can also occur. Read how you can use home remedies to reduce stomach acidity and treat acute and chronic heartburn.

The best household remedies for heartburn at a glance

If there is an unpleasant reflux of gastric acid, medication does not always have to be used immediately. Rather, there are a number of natural centres with which the complaints can be alleviated. Many of them can be found in your own kitchen or garden and can therefore be used quickly and easily. Among the proven house means against heartburn rank:

  • Chamomile tea
  • melissa tea
  • gruel
  • artichoke
  • potato juice
  • white cabbage juice
  • healing earth

First aid for heartburn: chamomile tea

Chamomile offers a real enrichment for every medicine cabinet and in many respects a good home remedy, as it can be used both internally and externally. When used against heartburn, we make use of its anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antispasmodic properties. In acute cases, a cup of chamomile tea has a soothing and relaxing effect on the stomach. If the stomach is constantly overacidified, the mucous membrane of the stomach is soon irritated and sooner or later inflamed.

A roll cure with chamomile tea can already remedy the first signs of nausea, stomach pressure and pain.

Prepare a cup of tea by pouring 150 ml of hot water over a tablespoon of real chamomile flowers. Allow the infusion to brew for five to ten minutes. If you have acute symptoms, drink the tea at rest in sips, but it should not be too hot.

Instructions: Rolling cure with chamomile tea

For the rolling cure, which should be carried out daily for at least one week, take at least 20 minutes. You will need two cups of chamomile tea and a place to lie down. The purpose of the roll cure is to wet as much stomach mucosa as possible with the tea in order to increase the healing effect. Drink a few sips and lie on your back. After about five minutes, drink another cup of chamomile tea and turn to the right. In this way change the position to the prone position and finally to the left side.

You can mentally support the effect by imagining calming pictures, for example of a beautiful (holiday) place in nature. Breathe out longer than in, this deepens the inner peace and strengthens the relaxing effect on the stomach.

Fast relief with medicinal plants

It is not only chamomile that can offer valuable help with heartburn. If the symptoms can be traced back to an irritable stomach, an infusion of Melissa (Melissa officialis) can have a calming effect. In the best case, this should be drunk in the evening before going to bed or in case of acute complaints or stress.

Tea blends or teas with medicinal plants have also proven effective, such as

  • Yarrow,
  • Fennel,
  • Aniseed and caraway

The real meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) is a very old medicinal herb which Hildegard von Bingen used in her famous herbal medicine. Meadowsweet is considered to be one of the best medicinal herbs for digestive complaints, because the valuable ingredients can reduce overacidification of the body and relieve pain and inflammation, among other things.

For a meadowsweet tea, pour a quarter of a litre of boiling water over one or two teaspoons of the cabbage. After ten minutes, strain the infusion and drink a cup twice a day. Due to the aspirin-like substance salicylic acid, the herb should not be used in cases of hypersensitivity, asthma or during pregnancy.

Artichoke and potato juice

The artichoke (Cynara scolymus) is an effective home remedy for feeling full and heartburn, as it promotes the process of digestion and has a supporting effect on the liver and gall bladder. The juice of raw potatoes can also help, as it can bind excess stomach acid (taken before meals).

Particularly important: Pay attention to the right diet

Most people know what kind of food or preparation causes them burning upper abdominal pain, which often rises from the throat to the throat. These should be avoided as far as possible in the diet. Although the incompatibilities can be very individual, there are nevertheless food and luxury foods, which cause a stomach acidification and favor heartburn. This includes:

  • Tobacco smoke
  • alcoholic beverages (especially wine)
  • Coffee
  • Sausage, cured and smoked products
  • hot spices such as chilli, pepper, garlic, mustard or horseradish

There are many other tips and household remedies for self-treatment of heartburn caused by reflux that can be used effectively at home. If, however, you experience repeated complaints or if these become stronger despite the use of household remedies, organic damage should be ruled out by a doctor.

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